Realization activities


  • designing and manufacture of atypical and single-purpose products
  • manufacture and assembly (erection) of steel structures
  • manufacture of overhead conveyers and roller conveyers
  • handling of heavy pieces
  • assuming of readinesses for building-up
  • carrying-out of dismantlings and assemblies of technological equipments, transport, building works
  • coordinating activities within the framework of delivering and assembling works of subcontractors
  • ensuring all the certificates, inspection reports, conformity declarations
  • complex testing, training the operators, trial operation


After-realization activities


  • repair services
  • providing the necessary spare parts for all the delivery
  • after-guarantee repairs
  • consultation service
  • special and technical assistance
  • preventive maintenance and repairs of the technological equipments

Concerning the equipments and technology delivered by us we provide prolonged guarantee.

For collaboration and consultation as to the designing in question we invite specialists of specialized research workplaces, from prestigious home-country or foreign firms so that in collaboration with the investor’s specialists the maximum effect may be achieved.